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Secure My Screen: An Ideal Alternative to Lock Windows PC
09-09-2012, 08:51 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-09-2012, 08:52 PM by sujay.)
Secure My Screen: An Ideal Alternative to Lock Windows PC
Quote:For most of us, personal computer is a place where we live our own world. Here, we do our office work, watch movies, listen to songs, play games etc. So, privacy is an utmost requirement to restrict unwanted interruptions. Microsoft understands this and that's why there is are options to create multiple user accounts, lock you account and switch to other. But there are some disadvantages in using multiple user accounts. Suppose you have an important job opened in your account and another user using his user account shuts down the PC. Windows does alert in such situation but how often common users respond properly to alerts in a PC! So, if the computer you are using is really 'Personal' and not for public usage, it is always recommended to use accounts that are under your control only (password protected). You may give its access to some reliable users by providing them the password.

Windows default account locking has a few disadvantages: To provide someone its access, you need to giveaway your password and he/she may change your password (for joking!) and under that situation there is almost no easy way to recover your password. Secure My Screen developed by Benchtech Software, is an alternative to Windows default account locking that has all its usefulness minus its disadvantages. According to the developer,

Secure My Screen is a revolutionary third party screen locker that is designed to keep your computer safe and secure whilst you are away from it. Secure My Screen employs advanced technology to make sure that your screen stays locked no matter what. Task manager cannot be used to close Secure My Screen and key combinations such as Alt + F4 and the close button will not work. Meaning that your screen really does stay locked. There is a great deal more to Secure My Screen than just screen locking however. Features such as multiple unlock passwords for trusted friends and family, and the ability to turn your screen onto standby when your system is idle make Secure My Screen one of the best screen lockers around.
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