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OSHI Defender AntiMalware - 10% Discount - sujay - 11-11-2013

About OSHI Defender
OSHI Defender is an AntiMalware product from Aveas limited that will scan and clean your computer according to your preferred scanning schedule. Its signature-free scanning engine delivers faster scanning speeds and superior protection against 0-day malware threats. Also this engine removes the need to regular update of malware definitions. The software will “Disable” and “Fix” found malware automatically or manually. Such actions are completely reversible. The software has an in-build secure DNS module that restricts visits or redirections to phishing sites caused by malicious DNS settings in your PC. It also offers regularly updated black list ensures that you have the latest defense against current online malware threats.

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Currently the trial version of OSHI Defender offers only the scan option. For removal you will have to purchase the software. But the company gives a 30 days 100% money guarantee.

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OSHI Defender costs 19.99 USD for one year of complete protection.

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10% Discount
Use the following link to get 10% discount while purchasing the software.

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