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PDF 2 PageTurn: 50% Off - sujay - 10-09-2012

About PDF 2 PageTurn
  1. Turn PDf Documents to Page Turning Websites in 4 Simple Steps:
  2. Insert PDF into PDF 2 PageTurn Software
  3. Enter Title, Keywords and Description for the sarch engines
  4. Select Upload Location
  5. Click Convert and Upload Button to crate your Page Turning Catalog
Quote:Turn your PDF Brochures, Catalogs, Manuals, Flyers, Annual Reports, Books, Magazines, and much more to page turning online documents (in HTML5) – in 4 simple steps
No programing, no learning curves, its as simple as select your PDF document and let the wizard do the rest.
You don’t even need a website – we provide you with hosting free of charge on
All for a remarkable $119 – one time fee – create as many online documents as you like, for you, your business, your friends and even your company.
No Restrictions, simple and affordable.

PDF 2 Page Turn documents are
- Able to be indexed by Search Engines
- Internally Searchable
- Highlighted Search Results
- Easy to navigate

You can
- Insert Sticky Notes
- Print Individual Pages or Multiple Pages
- Send PDF 2 Page Turn Documents to friends
- Zoom in functions
- Upload to and (FREE)
- Optimize file size
Product Homepage

Offer Page
The software normally priced at $119 is being offered at a 50% discounted price. So, you can get it at $59.50 now. Please go to the offer page for grabbing the deal.

RE: PDF 2 PageTurn: 50% Off - ouku - 05-02-2014

pdf to flash converter for Mac  the software for pdf to filpping book