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Full Version: Introduce Youself Here !!
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Lets introduce myself ! Blush

I am Sujay, a student of Chemistry and a Technology Enthusiastic. Blogging & Foruming are my passion and part time engagement. Currently I am doing my PhD and have future plans to stay in the academics. Since I am deeply in love with Technology, I will stay here forever. Wink
I am PCbasics, a blogger and freebie lover Biggrin . I love software and technology and currently run a few blogs of my own. You may also see me around other blogs as a guest author. Like Sujay, I am deeply in love with Technology and hope to see this site grow Smile
Nice to see you here PCBasics. Welcome Aboard Smile
Simple boy with basic computer Knowledge Biggrin.
(08-22-2012, 09:05 AM)INDRANIL Wrote: [ -> ]Simple boy with basic computer Knowledge Biggrin.
Welcome Indranil Smile I know that additionally you have ultra expert knowledge Tongue
Ops Biggrin. Thank you Smile.
Hi everybody!

I'm steel and I love technology Biggrin . I'm a structural steel detailer by day and a family man at night. Thanks for all the research Sujay!

Welcome Steel Tongue.
Welcome Steel. I saw that you spent few times here before introducing yourself. Hope you've liked the forum.
I'ts cool to be on the groung floor of a forum. Hoping we get new members daily. Did I say I'm fascinated by technology?
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