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Full Version: Should I Remove It helps to detect crapware, bloatware
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Should I Remove It is a software tool by Reason Software that helps you to decide which unwanted Windows software you should uninstall. Often unneeded softwares come bundled with useful software and even with an OEM system. Bundled softwares like toolbars, system optimizer, registry cleaner, spyware remover etc. are often useless and usually slow down startup time and degrade PC performance. But common PC users are not experienced enough to identify the bloatwares amoung the genuine softwares. Under such circumstances, tools like Should I Remove It are very useful.
[Image: Should_I_Remove_It.jpg]
Should I Remove It lists all the installed softwares in your system with community + expert ratings shown beside each. If you unsure about any entry, click on it to expand and click on the "what it is" button to open webpage with relevant information. If information is not available, you will be presented with the following information.
Typically it could take up to 24-48 hours for new programs as well as program versions to be added to the "Should I Remove It?" knowledge-base. Each program is reviewed and tested by our editors as well as our automated systems for malware and adware determinations. Once the program has been added, users like you will be able to rate and review these programs. In addition we will then be able to start collecting removal percentages.
Otherwise, you will be presented with details about the program, associated files, behaviors exhibited, average resource utilization, normal uninstallation instructions user ratings etc. You can also have an option to uninstall programs using this tool.
[Image: Should_I_Remove_It_GUI.png]
You can also use the software to run all the time to notify immediately during bloatware, adware installations. You can even set it to run on schedule.
[Image: Should_I_Remove_It_Settings.png]