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Full Version: Malwarebytes Pro is moving to Annual Subscription Soon - Buy Lifetime License Now
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Starting from upcoming version 2 of Malwarebytes Pro, it will be moving to a subscription licensing model, 24.95 USD per year for a 3 PC license. This change is quite logical because it is becoming a major player in anti-malware industry and so costs in bandwidth, hosting fees, infrastructure, salaries of researchers, QA department, and more have grown immensely. But they have confirmed that they will continue to honor existing lifetime licenses. Also, they will keep their free version intact.


[Image: MBAM_ll.jpg]

Please note that this change will come after the release of version 2 of the software and so it is advisable to buy a Lifetime License now until its too late.

1 PC lifetime license of Malwarebytes Pro is 24.95 USD. Remember that the same price you will have to pay later for 1 Year 3 PC license if you don't have a license already.

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