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Full Version: ADinf32 Antimalware - Disk Inspector and Integrity Checker
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About ADinf32
ADinf32 is a celebrated security software which will take a "snapshot" of your computer and then will scrupulously evaluate it time to time for full data integrity and security, and for other data modifications. This software is largely used to find a lost file, to analyze the results of a system failure, to make sure databases and documents are safe, to figure out why all free space on your hard disk is gone, to detect and neutralize a computer virus. Unlike other disk inspectors and integrity checkers, this software is able to scan drives bypassing the operating system and reading sectors one by one. This provides very fast scan speed and allows ADinf32 to detect stealth viruses. The software is updated to current industry standards and supports Windows 95 to Windows 7 in both 32 and 64 bit.
The Pro version of the software is a special modification for users who need guaranteed integrity and security of large volumes of valuable information. Owing to its LAN64 algorithm used for computing the checksums of files, ADinf32 Pro is not a simple integrity checker, but a powerful utility which keeps strict control over data security.

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ADinf32 can be downloaded as a 90 days free trial. Latest version is 4.16.

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A number of licensing is available for ADinf32 and ADinf32 Pro.

Buy Annual Single user license of ADinf32 (USD 4.99)
Buy Lifetime Single user license of ADinf32 (USD 9.99)

Buy Lifetime Single user license of ADinf32 Pro (USD 14.99)

Buy Corporate 10 users license of ADinf32 Pro (USD 79.00)
Buy Corporate 100 users license of ADinf32 Pro (USD 299.00)
Buy Corporate unlimited users license of ADinf32 Pro (USD 400.00)