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Full Version: Windows 8.1 Final is Available
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Great news... Microsoft has announced that Windows 8.1 will be launching tonight at 9 PM PST for Windows 8 users and available tomorrow for Windows 7 users. Users with valid copies of Windows 8 can freely upgrade to Windows 8.1.

New Features
  1. Start button is back on Desktop mode. Clicking on this will show the tiled interface of Start Screen.
  2. You can now directly boot into desktop rather than into the Start Screen.
  3. Automatic updates of Apps.
  4. Access some apps behind Lock Screen. Like see Twitter Updates, Accept Skype Calls, Take Photos etc.
  5. New picture-editor with preset effects.
  6. Better browsing experience in the tile version of Internet Explorer.
  7. Better Multi-Tasking experience with more apps opened at once.
  8. And more...
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