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Full Version: First Carbon Nanotube Computer - A New Era
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Till date you have heard about high performing computers with silicon-based electronics. That era had just begun and still advances are being made every day. But a great new era has already evolved where the digital circuits are based on transistors fabricated from carbon nanotubes (CNTs). To be perfect, this is not actually a new era. Its an era where the existing semiconductor technologies will get boosted by more than an order of magnitude with the improvement of the the energy–delay product. So, CNTs will complement the silicon-based electronics. There used to be some substantial fundamental imperfections inherent in CNTs for which only very basic circuit blocks could be made, but some problems has been overcome and the first computer built entirely using CNT-based transistors. Its runs an OS that is capable of multitasking. In the current case they have demonstrated it by performing counting and integer-sorting simultaneously. They have implemented 20 different instructions from the commercial MIPS instruction set to demonstrate its generality.

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